Cloud Technology Solutions for the Modern Workplace

Looking for cloud technology solutions that are tailored specifically to your unique needs? Our dedicated cloud managed services team takes the time to understand your business, enabling us to collaboratively design and implement the ideal cloud technology solutions that maximise your return on investment and enhance your productivity and efficiency.  

As a leading Microsoft Partner, Entegraty will ensure your journey to the cloud is seamless. Our scalable cloud technology solutions can grow and adapt in line with your business, and our expert training and ongoing cloud managed services ensure your business is always able to use its IT to the fullest. 

EntegratyYour Trusted Microsoft Partner

As certified Microsoft Partners, when it comes to cloud technology solutions and IT support for businesses, you need look no further than Entegraty’s team of experts Our comprehensive cloud managed services are designed to assist you with every step you take on your journey to the cloud. From helping choose the right solution, to implementation, through to support and ongoing trainingwe’re the dedicated partners you need to ensure you derive maximum value from your Microsoft investment. Our Microsoft cloud experts can advise on: 

Microsoft 365

Empower your teams to stay productive with a comprehensive suite of applications and services that enable them to work from any location on any device. Gain access to a range of collaborative tools, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Additionally, have peace of mind that documents can be securely stored & shared, enjoy seamless team connectivity and optimised workflows for ultimate efficiency. 

Microsoft Azure

Unleash the power and flexibility of the cloud with Azure. Our cloud managed services will help your IT Infrastructure transition to the cloud with ease. From planning, to implementing, to managing your infrastructure in the cloud, our Microsoft experts provide superior support to help you get the most out of your Azure services. 

SharePoint Consultancy

SharePoint can pose a significant challenge for businesses. Our team of seasoned consultants specialise in tailoring SharePoint to your precise requirements, ensuring seamless setup and scalability to match your evolving needs, combined with robust support to optimise your SharePoint experience. 

Why Choose Entegraty’s Cloud Managed Services?

If you answer yes to any of the following pain points, it’s time to talk to one of our IT experts and begin improving your IT experience:

  • Outsourced expertise at a competitive cost
  • Improved collaboration with a centralised workspace
  • Responsive IT support from our reliable and experienced team
  • Enhanced security measures to keep your data protected
  • Work anytime, anywhere – maximising productivity
  • Flexible cloud technology solutions that scale to your business requirements

    Your Cloud, Your WayChoosing the Right Cloud for YOU.

    Embracing the cloud and going serverless is not always a straightforward decision. This is why we partner closely with you, and strive to pinpoint the ideal cloud technology solutions that align with your unique work processes, objectives, and budget.  Entegraty’s cloud managed services help keep your data secure and accessible whether you choose to use public, private or a hybrid cloud. 

    Public Cloud

    A public cloud is managed by the cloud service provider, and is shared with other organisations over the internet.   

    The benefits:

    • Lower costs   
    • No maintenance   
    • High scalability   
    • High reliability  
    • Fast deployment  

    Private Cloud

    A private cloud is dedicated to a single user by a third-party service provider or an on-site data centre. 

    The benefits:

    • Increased flexibility  
    • Greater control  
    • Highly secure  
    • Customisable   
    • Dependable  

    Hybrid Cloud

    A hybrid cloud combines on-premise infrastructure (or a private cloud), with a public cloud.  

    The benefits:

    • Cost effective  
    • Transition easily  
    • Greater flexibility   
    • Increased agility  
    • Improved scalability

    Our Cloud Technology Partners

      We work with industry-leading cloud software providers, to deliver a range of cloud technology solutions. From backup and disaster recovery to remote collaboration tools and network configuration, whatever managed cloud services London, Leicester & the greater UK needs – Entegraty has you covered. 

      If you’re seeking greater business IT support, our skilled team are also expert managed IT service providers, provide comprehensive cyber security assessment services. In addition, we provide comprehensive IT consultancy to London, Leicester & the greater UK. Get in touch today to find out more.

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