What Cloud Computing Technology works best for you?   

Jul 11, 2023

Cloud adaptation is increasing rapidly thanks to the many operational benefits it offers businesses. Yet which Cloud model works best for a business is entirely based on the unique requirements of the organisation. 

Public or private or hybrid — the definitions and differences can seem confusing. It can get difficult to identify which solution would best resolve your challenges. We’re here to help you break it down. 

What Are the Different Cloud Types?

Public Cloud 

Public Clouds are supplied by third parties over the internet and are accessible to anyone who would like to use their services. This makes them very cost efficient for companies who can now avoid investing into hardware acquisition and maintenance. Additionally, in public Clouds you only get charged for your actual usage. Yet while public Cloud solutions tend to cushion your wallet, they’re also limiting in certain areas.

Private Cloud 

Private Cloud solutions deliver more control and privacy over your operations but are expensive to maintain. They are only accessible for the respective company that uses them. They offer the same degree of flexibility and scalability as public Clouds but have a higher security level due to their in-house structure. However, since they need to be managed and maintained internally, the cost and amount of work required are equal to traditional on-premises settings.

Hybrid Cloud 

Hybrid Clouds are, as the name suggests, a combination of private and public Clouds. Companies that use hybrid Clouds are combining internal data centres with public Clouds. This allows them to enjoy the benefits of each type, yet it can be difficult to implement correctly, especially without the right guidance.

What Are the Different Cloud Types?

The Cloud continues to grow, and businesses continue to misuse it and under appreciate the value provided. Whether you’re a small business just beginning, or a seasoned corporation, there is an innovative Cloud solution that not only fits your business needs now but evolves as your business grows. How do you know which solution is right for you?

We put together this handy checklist to see if public or private Cloud, or a combination of both, is better suited for your business.

What are you looking for?    Public    Private    Hybrid   
I need scalability and flexibility    X        X   
I need improved security        X    X   
I need more control        X       
I need hands-free solutions    X        X   
I need a simplified approach    X    X       
I need a cost-effective solution    X        X   
I need less hardware investment    X        X   
I need a reliable solution        X    X   
I need a customisable solution        X    X   
I need an expert consulting partner        X    X   


Take a moment to think about your top three needs. Are they security, reliability and customisation? Then you should consider a private Cloud solution.

Maybe you prioritise scalability and flexibility with hands-free solutions that are cost efficient. Public Cloud might be the better choice.

Or maybe you’d like to try a combination of public and private Cloud computing for your business, in which a hybrid solution is best.

Any way you choose, by leveraging innovative Cloud computing technology, you can improve your business operations without rebuilding your entire IT infrastructure.

Find The Right Cloud Solution with Entegraty

As your MSP partner, we help you identify the best and most innovative Cloud solution for your unique business needs and challenges. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each Cloud type and help you create a personalised growth plan, so you can worry less about Cloud IT and focus more on meeting your business goals.

At Entegraty, it is our aim to deliver scalable and budget-friendly solutions to help you transition to the best Cloud solution that optimises your workflow. We proactively monitor and maintain your Cloud environment, so you know data is always secure.

For more information on public, private and hybrid Cloud solutions, and how we can help you implement the right one for your business, reach out to our team or learn more about our Cloud services.


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