How IT Consulting Can Help You Maximise Your Budget   

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Our world is constantly changing and evolving. Profound shifts in consumer expectations demand that companies across all industries deploy new technologies that help them optimise their operations and stay efficient and productive. So much so that worldwide IT spending is expected to reach 4.6 trillion U.S. dollars this year.

IT spending can be linked to several factors, including escalating security concerns surrounding a remote workforce and the need to update outdated IT infrastructure. However, between hardware, software, managed IT and Cloud services, it can be difficult to decide where to allocate your IT budget. In this blog, we’ll be reviewing three ways IT support and consulting can maximise your budget resources and get the greatest benefit for your business.

IT Consulting can help you maximise your budget by:

  1. Avoiding unnecessary expenses
  2. Enjoying a la carte pricing
  3. Getting custom recommendations

1. Avoiding unnecessary expenses

One of the most common ways companies waste money is by making unnecessary upgrades or investments on equipment or features their business doesn’t need. When a new operating system or application provides innovative functionality that helps your employees perform their jobs more efficiently, it makes sense to incorporate these systems or applications. However, certain companies follow a set upgrade schedule that requires either replacing old systems after a certain number of years or migrating to a new operating system after a certain amount of time has passed.

It’s considerably more reasonable and cost-effective to evaluate the weaknesses in your current IT infrastructure and create a plan for any necessary updates that aligns with your budget and current goals. IT consulting can help you with that. At Entegraty, we identify any IT-related weaknesses or frustrations within your infrastructure and operations. We’ll take these challenges and offer you impartial guidance for the best course of action to help drive improvements and take your business to where you want to go.

2. Enjoying a la carte pricing

If you’ve ever found yourself asking how your business can achieve greater pricing predictability, scalability and transparency with its IT services, it may be time to consider a subscription-based IT plan. Think about it this way: a good portion of your IT budget is most likely allocated to services you either didn’t want but were included in your plan or thought you would need. Maybe you aren’t even sure what you’re paying for anymore.

With an a la carte IT plan, you can not only have a much clearer picture of your IT consumption and costs, but you can also scale your IT services up and down to accommodate periodic or unexpected changes in workload. The plan directly correlates with the needs of your business and realigns your IT spending and capability with your active usage. At Entegraty, all of our tailored annual contracts even come with a three-month trial to ensure you’re completely happy with our service.

3. Getting custom recommendations

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a team of technology experts that specialises in IT consulting is that they will learn about your business objectives and recommend solutions that increase performance, agility and security, all while improving the bottom line of your business. This includes making sure that often overlooked areas of IT, such as backend disaster recovery and backup, don’t slide off your radar. No matter whether you’re looking to focus on slicing costs or increase the security of your current infrastructure, we’ll sit down with your team, listen to your concerns and collaborate with you every step of the way, creating an IT strategy that works best for your business.

Transform Your Business and Optimise Your IT Budget

With the right technology expert, you can address the unique needs of your business, align your IT priorities with your business priorities and maximise your IT budget like never before. At Entegraty, we’ll assist in deploying a forward-thinking IT strategy that ensures your essential processes are optimised, your needs are addressed, and you save money in the process.

If you’re ready to take the next step in optimising your IT budget, reach out to our friendly experts today or click below more to learn more about our IT consulting services.

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