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If you’re an Office 365 user, you may have noticed (and ignored!) emails from Microsoft called ‘MyAnalytics’.

The analytics information from your 365 account is now available to all 365 users, whereas previously this was only available to enterprise users.

On the surface, it can feel a little invasive – how does Microsoft know all of this information? But it’s all information already available in your calendar and email. If you really wanted to, you could figure out how long you spend in meetings every day and how much time you spend emailing people while you’re in a meeting. MyAnalytics presents you with insights and how you can use these insights to improve your work patterns with the following elements.

MyAnalytics Dashboard

You can see statistics on how you’ve spent your time over the past month, productivity insights about your work habits, helpful suggestions for improvement, and explore your network, top collaborators, and collaboration activities.

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Insights Outlook add-in

The Insights Outlook add-in presents you with cards that report on aspects of your recent work experience and lets you respond in various ways. It also allows you to track email and document open rates, see how many people have opened your email and the average time they spent reading that email.

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Weekly Digests

You receive a weekly digest in your Outlook inbox that gives you highlights and breakdowns about your previous week. It can show you where your time is being spent and who with.

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Improve your work patterns

Understand and improve your work patterns—gaining uninterrupted time to focus, being able to disconnect and recharge, and networking and collaborating effectively—with help from the MyAnalytics dashboard and weekly email digest.

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Inline Suggestions

Inline suggestions in Outlook are brief data and AI-driven notifications that appear in Outlook while you are either reading or composing an email or a meeting invitation.

Inline suggestions can help boost your productivity and that of your team by displaying useful suggestions, tips, and best practices around managing email and running meetings. They help inform and guide you in making effective email and meeting decisions. They can also help you reclaim focus hours and build better collaboration habits, in addition to other practical benefits. See more on Inline suggestions or how you can opt-out of these here.

Teams Analytics

Microsoft didn’t stop with individual analytics either, with the use of Power BI you can further enhance this data and scale out these powerful analytics across the organisation or even by department.

 Looking at adoption to the digital workplace, usage of 365 within a particular team and compare productivity levels within a team.

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