Set Up for Success: 5 Advantages of Co-Managed IT Support  

May 10, 2023

Is your IT team struggling with capacity? Prioritising IT projects and security tasks can be challenging for organisations with limited internal resources. Managing your IT infrastructure often takes more time and resources than most small-to-medium businesses have at their disposal.  

This is where co-managed IT support comes in. The co-managed model has significant cost and operational benefits for businesses that need to lighten the load and expand on the expertise of their in-house IT team. In today’s blog, we’re deep diving into the many advantages that the co-managed model can bring to your operations. 

The 5 advantages of co-managed IT support we cover are: 

  1. Gain after-hours coverage 
  2. Supplement your IT staff 
  3. Access IT expertise on demand  
  4. Boost productivity 
  5. Increase security 


1. Gain After-Hours Coverage  

In a perfect world, hackers would tell everyone where, how and when they strike. That, of course, doesn’t happen, which means your network needs 24/7/365 security. Yet you and your team need sleep, and you may not have the manpower to have a staffer on call 24 hours a day. That’s when partnering with an MSP can help. By co-managing your IT service, you will have a provider to monitor your IT infrastructure and can detect potential faults and issues before they occur to minimise downtime. This will give you peace of mind knowing your network is safe and allow your team to get the rest it needs to help your business grow. 

2. Augment Your IT Staff  

Everyone assumes that bringing on an MSP means you have to let go of your in-house IT team or only makes sense if you don’t have an internal IT team. That isn’t true at all. In fact, the right MSP will work alongside and maximise your IT team’s time by handling routine maintenance and troubleshooting. This will allow your team to freshen your website, bolster your cyber security and carry out other tasks that can help grow your business. You’ll also benefit from additional support during peak demand periods, so your internal IT team doesn’t have to stop working on major projects for small emergencies.  

3. Access IT Expertise on Demand 

Things have a habit of breaking down during the most inopportune times. But they still need to be fixed. If this happens, or if you run into issues that you don’t know how to resolve internally, your co-managed team is standing by to help. Some MSPs offer 24/7/365 support, which means no matter the time, no matter the day, a friendly, supportive tech expert is just a phone call or email away. 

4. Boost Productivity 

Running a business isn’t easy, and try as you may, some things may get overlooked. That sometimes includes the upkeep and maintenance of your network. A co-managed service model typically covers routine maintenance, upgrades and patches. Your systems will run more efficiently, reducing costs associated with repairs and downtime, and ensuring your clients that you are someone they can depend on.  

5. Increase Security 

The cyber threat landscape is becoming increasingly complex by the day, and it can be hard to keep up with what you need to stay protected from. Co-managed service providers invest a great deal of time and money into security and IT compliance. Not only does this arm you with innovative, cutting-edge cyber security, but it saves you the time and money of constantly having to update your software.

Enhance Your Operations with Entegraty 

Co-managed services support your existing staff and absorb the responsibilities they may not have the time or experience to execute. These services are a cost-effective component of a strategic IT plan, especially for organisations that want or need to maintain some level of control of their infrastructure. 

At Entegraty, our managed services are flexible, affordable and tailored to your needs. Whether you need us to fully manage your IT or step in to support your existing team, we keep your business IT running efficiently and securely, so you can focus on your day-to-day business operations. 

If you’d like to find out more about how we can add value to your business, contact our experts today or learn more about our managed and co-managed IT services.

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