Why a Cloud Transformation is Crucial : 5 Benefits for Your Business 

Jul 26, 2023

Technology has evolved at lightning speed over the last couple of decades. Long gone are the days of internet dial tones and having to hang up the phone in order to use the internet. Today, technology underpins almost every part of business (and life), and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are no longer part of Sci-Fi movies—they’re used by millions of people every single day.

Businesses require innovative and modern solutions to facilitate efficient and flexible work environment. And the best enabler for this is the Cloud. In 2023, 78% of executives report that they have adopted the Cloud in most or all parts of business, and public Cloud spending is forecast to grow by 20.7% this year. There are many good reasons for this. In this blog, we explain why a Cloud transformation is crucial in order to stay competitive.

The 5 benefits of a Cloud transformation we’ll cover are :  

  1. Easier scalability
  2. Cost-effectiveness 
  3. Improved collaboration 
  4. Increased security
  5. Enhanced reporting and operational efficiency 

Benefit 1: Easier scalability 

As a business, you want to grow. And as you grow, you need to be able to scale your IT resources based on changing demands. While traditional on-premises solutions allow you to scale, it comes at a price. Buying new servers means you not only need the financial resources to be able to invest but also the physical space in order to store them. A Cloud transformation makes scaling IT resources a whole lot easier. Whenever your demands change, you can easily change your Cloud subscription in order to increase or decrease your resources.  

Benefit 2: Cost-effectiveness 

With increased flexibility also comes increased cost-effectiveness. As your IT resources are now stored in the Cloud, you can say goodbye to large upfront investments. Most Cloud environments are billed monthly, and thanks to enhanced scalability, you only pay for the resources you actually need. A Cloud transformation will also allow you to minimise your operational and maintenance costs, which creates opportunities to use the freed-up budget for other initiatives and innovations. 

Benefit 3: Improved collaboration

Hybrid work is here to stay, with 57% of UK workers reporting that they prefer a hybrid work environment, and more than a third stating they would quit their jobs if their employer demanded a return to the office full-time. A Cloud transformation helps businesses facilitate seamless collaboration, whether the team is in the office, at home or on the go. Additionally, tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Slack enable employees to stay connected at any time.

Benefit 4: Increased security

While the cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, it doesn’t mean that Cloud environments are less secure than traditional on-premises infrastructures. Contrary to popular belief, a Cloud transformation will allow you to increase your security. Traditional on-premises solutions are harder to secure due to their (at this point) outdated technology. Cloud environments are secured with the latest industry standards, and Cloud providers are employing cyber security experts in order to monitor and proactively protect their customers. Take Microsoft as an example: They’re investing $1 billion USD each year in cyber security. Additional procedures such as Cloud-backup and disaster recovery allow you to easily and quickly restore your valuable data should a data breach occur.

Benefit 5: Enhanced reporting and operational efficiency

A Cloud transformation allows you to improve data access, eliminate data silos and enhance analytics. This allows you unprecedented (and simplified) access to data, and today, data is more important than ever before. Now, you can easily analyse your workflows and procedures, identify bottlenecks and improve your operational efficiency.

Start Your Cloud Transformation Journey with Entegraty   

A Cloud transformation will forever change the way you do business—and for the better. Increased efficiency, productivity and flexibility will not just boost your bottom line, but your employee satisfaction as well.

At Entegraty, we’ve been helping businesses modernise their IT for almost two decades. Our Cloud transformation services are designed to help you make the new normal work for you. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the Cloud. Our team gets to know your business to help design and implement the right Cloud solutions for your individual needs.

Keen to get started? We’d love to chat! Reach out to our friendly experts today or learn more about our services.


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