Busting the 3 Most Common Managed Services Myths 

Apr 13, 2023

Whether it’s exorbitant prices or unreliable service—there are many misconceptions about managed service providers (MSPs). The truth is that there are many advantages of managed services that often get overlooked.  

Don’t be fooled, partnering with an MSP can help your team be more productive and efficient. In this month’s blog we’ll cover the three most common myths around managed services and the truth behind how an MSP can help you be successful.   

Ready to get started? The three managed services misconceptions we’ll cover are: 

  1. It’s more expensive to work with an MSP 
  1. MSPs replace my in-house IT team 
  1. An MSP is slow to respond to issues 

Myth 1: It’s more expensive to work with a managed service provider   

It’s understandable why people would have trouble believing that hiring an entire team of experts is less expensive than the cost of hiring a single, full-time employee. But what many companies fail to consider is that you’re not only paying the salary of the single employee, but you’re also footing the bill for the overhead costs including taxes, healthcare, vacation, training and more. With an MSP, the cost isn’t a huge factor. You’re pricing will be determined in advance and you will either be able to pay per usage or on a monthly basis—depending on what’s best for your individual needs. A good MSP will ensure you get what you need, and only what you need

Myth 2: MSPs replace in-house IT resources   

A managed service provider is not here to replace you team, and hiring one doesn’t mean you have to let your internal team go. Service options such as co-managed IT support is designed to seamlessly work alongside your existing team. According to a ChannelInsider survey, 60% of respondents said their managed services are a collaborate arrangement with their internal IT department. Whether it’s providing a specialised skillset, tackling periodic projects or handling routine tasks such as backups and remote monitoring—MSPs become part of—and strengthen—your team.   

Myth 3: An MSP won’t respond to issues quickly   

Many companies are concerned that if they don’t have a full-time IT employee in the office, it means a slow response if an issue occurs. But most MSPs offer around-the-clock support with quick response times and defined service level agreements (SLAs). This allows you to get help from multiple people instead of relying on a single person to solve your entire company’s issues. The other advantage is that you will also be able to have 24/7 monitoring, and someone will be able to step in if an issue occurs outside of working hours. That way, you can enjoy the life moments that matter while resting assured knowing that your IT is in safe hands. 

Worry-free IT with Entegraty 

Whether you’re a small business with no dedicated IT team, you already have a super in-house team that could accomplish more by offloading the day-to-day routine IT tasks, or you simply want to leverage the partnerships and expertise that an MSP can bring—managed services are a good solution for you.  

At Entegraty, we work at your side to closely devise the best IT support plan for you. We tailor our services to what your business requirements, so you only pay for things you need and never have to worry about hidden cost. 

Are you curious to find out more about how our managed services can support your operations? Get in touch with our experts today or learn more about our services


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